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On one of our Morocco tours, we might take you to one of the cities such as Marrakech, which is known for its Medina, or Casablanca, which is known for its brand-new Hassan II mosque, as well as Tangier, which is known as the "Door to Africa." During our Morocco tour, you will have the opportunity to travel via the Atlas Mountains to reach the Erg Chebbi desert.


Once you choose   Morocco circuit, we will manage the rest. We reserve your travel dates including accommodation and comfortable travel.


We visit Ait Benhaddou kasbah, Essaouira on Atlantic coast, we explore Merzouga desert. Experience Moroccan culture in Fes excursions.


All our Morocco circuit itineraries are just suggested. If you require your own circuit, we will be happy to customize your travel.

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2 Days Marrakech to Zagora

We provide Desert Tours from Marrakech to Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazate and Zagora.

private 2 days Marrakech tour to Zagora desert | Marrakech excursion to Zagora


155 €

Per person

3 Days Marrakech to Merzouga

On this Marrakech   circuit we experience Erg Chebbi desert and we spend 1 night in Sahara camp.

3 Days Marrakech to Fes

Explore the desert of Merzouga on a journey from Marrakech to Fes, and visit the most important sites.

  Morocco tours from Marrakech

private 3 days Marrakech tour to Merzouga | Marrakech 3 days desert tour to Erg Chebbi


250 €

Per person

private 3 days Marrakech tour to desert and Fes | 3 days circuit Marrakech to Fes via Merzouga


275 €

Per person

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Day Trip to Ait Benhaddou

From Marrakech

Explore Atlas mountains in   Marrakech excursion to Ait Benhaddou and Ouarzazate with comfortable transfer and guided excursion in Unesco kasbah.

Day Trip to Ourika Valley

From Marrakech

Starting at Souk Tnine de L'Ourika where the largest souk in the valley is held every Monday. We visit Setti Fatma and its local waterfalls.

  Marrakech Day Trips

All Marrakech Day Trips

Adventure Excursion in Merzouga Desert

Camel trekking in Merzouga | Erg Chebbi camel ride to camp

Camel Trekking

In Erg Chebbi, we take a camel ride in the Sahara desert with knowledgeable guides, and we observe the sunset/sunrise.

4x4 Merzouga Tour

4x4 Merzouga Tour

We conduct Erg Chebbi dunes excursions through the Sahara with competent drivers. We encounter local Nomads.

Overnight in Sahara Camp

A Night in Camp

We explore the Sahara desert on camel and spend the night in a comfortable camp.

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Visit Morocco With Us!

Morocco is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination, and our mission is to introduce you to our culture. We want your trip to be pleasurable, exciting, fascinating, and memorable! We also provide Marrakech Sahara excursions to Erg Chebbi's desert, which has beautiful sand dunes and is surrounded by palm trees, and where you can spend unforgettable nights beneath the stars listening to Berber drumming. You wish to travel to Morocco, but you have certain reservations. Not sure where to vacation, for how many days, or what to eat? This Morocco travel guide aims to eliminate any doubts so that you can fully appreciate Morocco.

Why visit Morocco?

Morocco is an exceptional country that is unlike any other. Morocco sightseeing is an amazing new sensory experience: the color, taste, and smell will linger in your memory for weeks after you return.

Where do I start?

Start by reading about Morocco's history and general travel information if you are unfamiliar with the country. When you have a clear idea of your destination, you can concentrate on transportation and crucial appointments.

The best guide to Morocco

Why? Because when people discuss Morocco, they describe it as an unforgettable experience not to be missed. We will just describe it as a unique excursion and a terrific alternative to the usual outings, but you should also be aware of the potential negatives, such as the nervousness or sense of uneasiness you may experience while there.

What to eat in Morocco?

Moroccan cuisine is diverse and expansive. Cuscus and tajines are two of the most popular foods in the world. Wheat semolina grains are combined with lamb or chicken, as well as vegetables or eggs, to produce couscous. In Morocco, cuscus is the primary meal on Fridays. Because it is prepared and served in the same vessel, tajines are named after it. It is primarily a meat or fish stew with fruits or vegetables. Tea is an everyday beverage for the Moroccans. You may use it everywhere, and will be requested to do so at a variety of businesses and public areas. The specialty of the house is mint tea. If you like tea, you will like this.

7 Days Family Morocco Travel

We plan a 7-day tour to discover the best of culture, including a desert adventure, as well as Marrakech's finest sites.

private 7 days tour from Casablanca | 7 Days Family Morocco Travel


705 €

Per person

10 Days Adventure Travel

We visit Imperial cities and the Sahara desert in Merzouga on a Morocco adventure tour departing from Casablanca.

12-14 Days Grand Morocco

We explore Morocco's hidden areas, spend time with nomads, and ride camels over the Sahara desert.

private Casablanca tour around Morocco | 10 Days Adventure Casablanca Travel


949 €

Per person

private 12 days Casablanca trip tour | 13,14 Days Grand Morocco tour from Casablanca


1065 €

Per person

Tours From Casablanca In Morocco

Desert Tours From Fes To Marrakech

2 Days Fes to Merzouga Tour

We arrange a two-day excursion across the Middle Atlas Mountains, riding camels in the Sahara to reach the Nomad camp.

private 2 days tour from Fes to Merzouga | Fes to desert tour and camel trekking


179 €

Per person

3 Days Fes to Merzouga Tour

We offer camel treks across Erg Chebbi dunes during a three-day Merzouga desert excursion from Fes.

3 Days to Merzouga, Marrakech

We observe the sunset in the Sahara desert and explore Ait Benhaddou kasbah and Marrakech.

private 3 Days round-trip from Fes to Merzouga | Merzouga 4x4 excursion and camel ride


255 €

Per person

private 3 days tour from Fes to Erg Chebbi | Fes travel to Marrakech via Sahara


275 €

Per person

All Fes Tours

Desert Tours From Tangier

4 Days Tour From Tangier

We arrange 4-day tour to Chefchaouen, Fes and the Merzouga desert with camel ride.

private 4 days tour from Tangier to Sahara | Tangier tour to Marrakech


389 €

Per person

5 Days Tour From Tangier

Explore Unesco excursions in Fes, and we ourselves explore Chefchaouen and Rabat.

8 Days Tour From Tangier

Travel from Tangier to the Rif and Atlas mountains, spend a night in a nomad camp.

private 5 days tour from Tangier to Marrakech via desert | Tangier travel to Fes and Merzouga


549 €

Per person

private 7,8,10 days tour from Tangier | Tangier tour to Chefchaouen and Merzouga desert trip


805 €

Per person